Application base for simulators and software for study of complex systems

BASILES is the result of a cooperation led by CNES with SPACEBEL. It’s a numerical simulation framework capable of designing and implementing advanced simulators. Since the creation of BASILES in 2004, CNES has used this framework to model the equipment and environment of many satellites, and to simulate their behavior during their missions. BASILES has proven its worth in the space sector but its applications extend beyond. Whether you are in the research or industry sector, BASILES can adapt to answer your problems.

Thus BASILES makes it possible to design, develop and exploit complex system simulations, by providing structuring components such as a sequencer (or kernel) and its services, model libraries, an automatic generator of the structural code (FTN, C, C++, java), a command interpreter, introspection and testing tools, and some GUI for the design, the execution and the exploitation of results. The infrastructure also offers a coding standard and a proven methodology to allow development using accepted industry standards.

In addition, BASILES makes it possible to distribute or divide the simulation on several machines, to reduce computing times, or to connect and to synchronize simulators of different types. BASILES can connect to a processor emulator or physical devices once the necessary interface is available.